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  PIRLS 2001 User Guide for the International Database, Gonzalez, E.J., & Kennedy, A.M. (2003), Chestnut Hill, MA: Boston College.
Includes data files, datasets, and supporting documentation.
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User Guide
  PIRLS 2001 User Guide for the International Database  
Supplement 1
  International Version of the PIRLS 2001 and Reading Literacy Study Background Questionnaires  
Supplement 2
  Documentation of National Adaptations of International Background Questionnaire Items  
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  SAS Data (Zip File) (updated*)  
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  SPSS Data (Zip File) (updated*)  

*Note (02/11/2013): A new approach to scaling the reading purposes and processes was introduced in PIRLS 2011 to enhance measurement of trends over time in these domains. This same approach has been applied retrospectively to the PIRLS 2001 and 2006 reading purposes and processes so that these data correspond to the trend results presented in PIRLS 2011 International Results in Reading. All SAS and SPSS data files have been updated to reflect that change. Please note that the overall reading achievement scores for PIRLS 2001 and 2006 remain unchanged.

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