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  PIRLS 2001 Technical Report, Martin, M.O., Mullis, I.V.S., & Kennedy, A.M. (Eds.) (2003), Chestnut Hill, MA: Boston College.
Describes the instrument development, data-collection procedures, and analytic methods used in PIRLS 2001 and the trend study.
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Chapter 1   Overview of PIRLS
Dana L. Kelly
Chapter 2   Developing the PIRLS Reading Assessment
Marian Sainsbury and Jay Campbell
Chapter 3   Developing the PIRLS Background Questionnaires
Dana L. Kelly
Chapter 4   Translating the PIRLS Reading Assessment and Questionnaires
Dana L. Kelly and Barbara Malak
Chapter 5   PIRLS Sampling Design
Pierre Foy and Marc Joncas
Chapter 6   PIRLS Survey Operations Procedures
Eugenio J. Gonzalez, Dirk Hastedt, and Ann M. Kennedy
Chapter 7   Quality Control in the PIRLS Data Collection
Eugenio J. Gonzalez and Ann M. Kennedy
Chapter 8   Creating and Checking the PIRLS Database
Ursula Itzlinger and Knut Schwippert
Chapter 9   PIRLS Sampling Weights and Participation Rates
Marc Joncas
Chapter 10   Item Analysis and Review
Ina V.S. Mullis, Michael O. Martin, and Ann M. Kennedy
Chapter 11   Scaling the PIRLS Reading Assessment Data
Eugenio J. Gonzalez
Chapter 12   Statistical Analysis and Reporting of the PIRLS Data
Eugenio J. Gonzalez and Ann M. Kennedy
Appendix A   Acknowledgments  
Appendix B   Sample Implementation  
Appendix C   Country Adaptations to Items and Item Scoring  
Appendix D   Parameters for IRT Analyses of PIRLS Achievement Data  


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