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  PIRLS 2001 International Report: IEA’s Study of Reading Literacy Achievement in Primary Schools, Mullis, I.V.S., Martin, M.O., Gonzalez, E.J., & Kennedy, A.M. (2003), Chestnut Hill, MA: Boston College.
Presents the reading achievement results for the 35 participating countries and data about pertinent home, school, and classroom contexts for learning to read.
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  -    8MB  
TOC   -    128KB  
Exec. Summary   -    448KB  
Introduction   -   512KB  
Chapter 1   International Student Achievement in Reading    160KB  
Chapter 2   Achievement in Reading for Literary Experience and Reading to Acquire and Use Information    160KB  
Chapter 3   Performance at International Benchmarks   3.4MB  
Chapter 4   Literacy-Related Activities in the Home     224KB  
Chapter 5   School Curriculum and Organization for For Teaching Reading   224KB  
Chapter 6   Teachers and Teaching Instruction    228KB  
Chapter 7   School Contexts   224KB   
Chapter 8   Students’ Reading Attitudes, Self-Concept, and Out-of-School Activities    192KB  
Appendix A   Overview of PIRLS Procedures    160KB  
Appendix B   Percentiles and Standard Deviations of Reading Achievement    96KB  
Appendix C   Sample Passages, Questions, and Scoring Guides    2MB  
Appendix D   Reading Items Used for Describing Each Benchmark    64KB  
Appendix E   Sweden – Grade 3 Reading Achievement    64KB  
Appendix F   Acknowledgements    96KB  
-   Reader and River Trails Brochure    4MB  


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