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TIMSS 2007 International Mathematics Report

TIMSS 2007 International Mathematics Report: Findings from IEA’s Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study at the Fourth and Eighth Grades

Mullis, I.V.S., Martin, M.O., & Foy, P. (with Olson, J.F., Preuschoff, C., Erberber, E., Arora, A., & Galia, J.). (2008). Chestnut Hill, MA: TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center, Boston College.

The TIMSS 2007 International Mathematics Report summarizes fourth- and eighth-grade students’ mathematics achievement in each of the 59 participating countries and 8 benchmarking participants, and describes the educational contexts for mathematics instruction. It includes trends in mathematics achievement over time for participants in previous TIMSS assessments in 1995, 1999, and 2003, as well as student performance at the TIMSS International Benchmarks. Achievement results also are presented for mathematics content and cognitive domains. The Mathematics Report presents a rich array of information about students’ backgrounds and attitudes toward mathematics; the mathematics curriculum; teachers’ education and training; classroom characteristics and activities; and school contexts for mathematics learning and instruction.

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