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TIMSS 2007 International Database and User Guide

TIMSS 2007 International Database and User Guide

Foy, P. & Olson, J.F. (Eds.). (2009). Chestnut Hill, MA: TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center, Boston College.

To support and promote secondary analyses aimed at improving mathematics and science education at the fourth and eighth grades, the TIMSS 2007 International Database makes available to researchers, analysts, and other users the data and datasets collected and processed by the TIMSS project. This database comprises student achievement data as well as student, teacher, school, and curricular background data for 59 countries and 8 benchmarking participants.

The User Guide describes the content and format of the data in the TIMSS 2007 international database. It contains four chapters and is accompanied by four supplements. The TIMSS 2007 International Database, its User Guide and supplements, and support materials are available for download on this page (listed below). They also are available on the DVD, entitled TIMSS 2007 International Database and User Guide: Featuring the IEA IDB Analyzer.

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Download the TIMSS 2007 International Database and User Guide Files:

International Database and User Guide Download Files
User Guide Chapters 1-4   (5MB)
  Supplement 1   (34MB)
  Supplement 2   (24MB)
  Supplement 3   (24MB)
  Supplement 4   (21MB)
International Database Almanacs   (12MB)
  Codebooks   (1MB)
  SAS Data T07_SAS_G4_1.zip (ADU-KWT 162MB) updated*
    T07_SAS_G4_2.zip (LTU-YEM 165MB) updated*
    T07_SAS_G8_1.zip (ADU-GHA 171MB) updated*
    T07_SAS_G8_2.zip (HKG-PSE 168MB) updated*
    T07_SAS_G8_3.zip (QAT-USA 171MB) updated*
    T07_SAS_Bridge.zip (30MB)
  SPSS Data T07_SPSS_G4_1.zip (ADU-KWT 159MB) updated*
    T07_SPSS_G4_2.zip (LTU-YEM 162MB) updated*
    T07_SPSS_G8_1.zip (ADU-GHA 177MB) updated*
    T07_SPSS_G8_2.zip (HKG-PSE 173MB) updated*
    T07_SPSS_G8_3.zip (QAT-USA 182MB) updated*
    T07_SPSS_Bridge.zip (26MB)
  Curriculum   (448KB)
  Items   (49MB)
  Programs   (32KB)
  TCMA   (318KB)
  IEA IDB Analyzer Download the installation file from the IEA website

*Note (01/18/2013): A new approach to scaling the mathematics and science content and cognitive domains was introduced in TIMSS 2011 to allow measurement of trends over time in these domains. This same approach has been applied retrospectively to the TIMSS 2007 mathematics and science content and cognitive domains so that these data correspond to the trend results presented in the TIMSS 2011 International Reports. All SAS and SPSS data files have been updated to reflect that change. Please note that the overall mathematics and science achievement scores for TIMSS 2007 remain unchanged.