Science Benchmarking Report TIMSS 1999–Eighth Grade




REFERENCE 3: Teachers and Instruction


Exhibit R3.1 Teachers’ Confidence in Their Preparation to Teach Science Topics

Exhibit R3.2 Shortage of Teachers Qualified to Teach the Sciences Affecting Capacity to Provide Instruction

Exhibit R3.3 Percentage of Students Whose Science Teachers Agree or Strongly Agree with Statements About the Nature of Science and Science Teaching

Exhibit R3.4 Percentage of Students Whose Science Teachers Think Particular Abilities Are Very Important for Students’ Success in Science in School

Exhibit R3.5 How Teachers Spend Their Formally Scheduled School Time

Exhibit R3.6 Average Number of Instructional Days in the School Year

Exhibit R3.7 Asking Students to Do Problem-Solving Activities During Science Lessons

Exhibit R3.8 Teachers Demonstrating an Experiment in Science Classes

Exhibit R3.9 Students Doing an Experiment or Practical Investigation in Science Classes

Exhibit R3.10 Students Using Things from Everyday Life in Solving Science Problems

Exhibit R3.11 Amount of Science Homework

Exhibit R3.12 Assigning Science Homework Based on Projects and Investigations

Exhibit R3.13 Frequency of Having a Quiz or Test in Science Classes


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