Ontario testing on Macs
Photo credit: EdnaStaeblerP5 (@P5Edna)

From Canada to Bahrain to Finland and more, Twitter is abuzz as schools participate this spring in PIRLS 2016 and ePIRLS 2016. PIRLS assesses reading achievement, while ePIRLS, new for 2016, monitors how well students read, interpret, and critique online information. Their results will be released in late 2017.

Here are some of their snapshots and tweets...

Georgia testing at desks

In the country of Georgia:

Bahrain testing celebration

In Bahrain:

Ontario, Canada testing

In Ontario, Canada:

More from Ontario, Canada:

Saudia Arabia testing

In Saudi Arabia:

Spain testing

In Spain:

Ireland testing

In Ireland:

Northern Ireland testing

In Northern Ireland:

In Dubai:

Sweden testing

In Sweden:

Kuwait testing

In Kuwait:

Norway testing

In Norway:

Saskatchewan, Canada testing

In Saskatchewan, Canada:

Oman testing

In Oman (students being interviewed about PIRLS by a radio program):

Finland testing

In Finland:

Portugal testing

In Portugal: