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TIMSS 1999 International Science Report
Findings from IEA's Repeat of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study at the Eighth Grade

Michael O. Martin, Ina V.S. Mullis, Eugenio J. Gonzalez, Kelvin D. Gregory, Teresa A. Smith, Steven J. Chrostowski, Robert A. Garden, Kathleen M. O'Connor

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 International Student Achievement in Science
Chapter 2 Performance at International Benchmarks
Chapter 3 Average Achievement in the Science Content Areas
Chapter 4 Students' Backgrounds and Attitudes Towards Science
Chapter 5 The Science Curriculum
Chapter 6 Teachers and Instruction
Chapter 7 School Contexts for Learning and Instruction
Reference 1 Students' Backgrounds and Attitudes Towards Science
Reference 2 The Science Curriculum
Reference 3 Teachers and Instruction
Reference 4 School Contexts for Learning and Instruction
Appendix A Overview of TIMSS Procedures: Science Achievement
Appendix B Multiple Comparisons of Average Achievement in Science Content Areas
Appendix C The Test-Curriculum Matching Analysis: Science
Appendix D Percentiles and Standard Deviations of Science Achievement
Appendix E Acknowledgments

Errata for the printed version of the report

The above electronic files include the changes noted below.

Exhibit 2
Page 19
Years of formal schooling for the Czech Republic is 8.
Exhibit 3.2
Page 104
The error bars displaying the 95% confidence interval for the average achievement for each content area for Australia have been corrected.
Exhibit 4.11
Page 149
In biology, the percentage of boys is significantly greater than the percentage of girls at the low index level in the Netherlands and Slovenia (in addition to other countries so indicated), as well as for the international average.
Exhibit 6.2
Page 200
The description of the different major areas of study for earth science and physics teachers having science as the major area of study in footnote 1 has been corrected.
Exhibit 6.5
Page 213
In biology, Belgium (Flemish) and Bulgaria, in addition to Morocco, are annotated with an "r" to indicate that teacher response data are available for 70-84% of students. In physics, Morocco is not annotated with an "r."
Exhibit 6.14
Page 232
The standard error for the international average achievement for students at the low index level in earth science is 2.2.
Exhibit R3.8
Page 320
The international average for the percentage of formally scheduled school time averaged across students for teaching science, mathematics, and other subjects is 71 with a standard error of 0.2.
Exhibit D.1
Page 386
Corrections were made to all standard errors.
Page 393 Jan Van Damme has been added to the list of individuals acknowledged for Belgium (Flemish).
Several Information made available after publication of the report required that the sampling weights for Belgium (Flemish) be recomputed. The adjusted sampling weights resulted in slightly but not significantly different calculations for Belgium (Flemish) in the following exhibits: Exhibit 1.6, page 43; Exhibit 4.1, page 120; Exhibit 4.2, page 123; Exhibit 4.4, page 125; Exhibit 4.5, page 128; Exhibit 4.7, page 131; Exhibit 4.8, pages 134 and 136; Exhibit 4.10, pages 144 and 146; Exhibit 6.6, page 215; Exhibit 7.1, page 254; Exhibit 7.5, page 262; Exhibit R1.3, page 274; Exhibit R1.5, page 276; Exhibit D.1, page 386; Exhibit D.2, page 387. This also resulted in slightly but not significantly different international averages in Exhibit 4.2 and Exhibit 6.6.

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