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National Research Coordinators – Each country participating in TIMSS 1999 had a National Research Coordinator (NRC) who carry out the study in the country, in accordance with the international procedures and standards. The NRC was responsible for selecting the school sample, collecting the data, scoring and data entry, and preparing a national report of the study results. The ISC convened the NRCs several times a year to discuss and review the study design, procedures, and instruments, and to conduct training activities.

ISC (International Study Center)

International Study Center at Boston College
The International Study Center is responsible for the overall design, development, and implementation of TIMSS. This included establishing the procedures, overseeing instrument development, conducting training and carrying out quality assurance measures. The ISC also conducted the data analyses and released the study results in an international report and user database. TIMSS 1999 is directed by Dr. Michael O. Martin and Dr. Ina V.S. Mullis.

IEA logo

IEA Secretariat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, provides overall support for TIMSS and was responsible for coordinating the translation verification of the TIMSS assessment instruments and recruiting the quality control monitors.

Data Processing Center logo

IEA Data Processing Center in Hamburg, Germany works with the participating countries to plan for their within-country data entry activities, is responsible for processing and verifying the data from all of the countries, and constructs the international database.

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada
The Special Surveys Methods Group of Statistics Canada in Ottawa, Canada, has been responsible for all TIMSS sampling activities since the beginning of the study. This has included developing the sampling procedures and documentation, and assisting participants in adapting the TIMSS sampling design to local conditions.

Educational Testing Service

Educational Testing Service (ETS)
ETS was responsible for scaling the TIMSS 1999 achievement results.

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