International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement

TIMSS Advanced 2008 Contextual Questionnaires

There are a number of contextual factors that influence students’ learning, such as school resources, instructional approaches, type of school, teacher characteristics, student attitudes, and home support for learning. TIMSS Advanced 2008 collected extensive information about these contexts for learning by administering background questionnaires to students, teachers, school principals, and curriculum experts. Each of the questionnaires is described below.

Student Questionnaires

Each student in TIMSS Advanced 2008 completed a Student Questionnaire. The questionnaire included questions pertaining to home and school environments, educational aspirations, and motivation for studying advanced mathematics or physics.

Teacher Questionnaires

Teachers of the assessed classes responded to the Teacher Questionnaires. The questionnaires asked about the school environment, characteristics of the class tested, instructional activities for teaching advanced mathematics and physics, topics covered in students’ lessons, calculator and computer use, homework and assessment, as well as teacher education, training, and opportunities for professional development.

School Questionnaires

The principal of each school in TIMSS Advanced 2008 completed a School Questionnaire. The questionnaire focused on enrollment and school characteristics, school climate for learning, and school staffing and resources.

Curriculum Questionnaires

The TIMSS Advanced 2008 National Research Coordinator in each country was responsible for the completion of the Curriculum Questionnaire. Questions primarily centered on the curriculum for advanced mathematics and for physics.

Download Questionnaires

Each of the TIMSS Advanced 2008 contextual questionnaires can be downloaded free of charge.

The questionnaires are available in Portable Document Format (PDF).  You may need to download a copy of Adobe Reader© to enable you to read and print the questionnaires.

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