Environmental Awareness in TIMSS 2019

This video presents results from the Environmental Awareness in TIMSS 2019 report.

Around the world there has been increasing awareness of the need to protect the environment. To learn what the TIMSS 2019 science assessment tells us about students’ understanding of the environment, the TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center constructed environmental awareness scales based on a wide range of topics as specified in the TIMSS science assessment frameworks. These include conservation, ecosystems, pollution, climate change, and cycles in nature. Watch the video for a summary of the overall results across TIMSS 2019 countries, and for some examples of TIMSS items that relate to human activities that can harm or benefit the environment.

You can also read the TIMSS 2019 Environmental Awareness Results for more information.

The TIMSS 2019 International Database has been updated to include the data for these new scales. Researchers and policymakers can perform secondary analyses on these data using IEA’s IDB Analyzer, a publicly available tool to facilitate the exploration of TIMSS and PIRLS data. Additionally, Methods and Procedures: TIMSS 2019 Technical Report has been updated to include Chapter 18 which describes the construction of the scales.